Welcome to Osmocom Open Build Service

This is the Osmocom self-hosted instance of the Open Build Service (OBS), which is used to build the official Osmocom binary packages for a variety of Linux distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and openSUSE.

The OBS software itself is developed under the umbrella of the openSUSE project. Please find further informations on the openSUSE Project wiki pages.

System Status

The above graphs show the number of active build jobs last week, currently 14 of 14 build hosts are busy building packages. At the moment 199 packages are waiting on the different architectures.

Osmocom Open Build Service hosts 27 projects, with 354 packages, in 90 repositories and is used by 16 confirmed developers.

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Oliver Smith osmith wrote 3 months ago

This OBS instance now provides official builds for the Osmocom project. As transitional phase, we will push the packages to build.opensuse.org too until end of October 2022. See also: https://osmocom.org/news/191

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